Pune Porsche accident | The system crash

A Pune teen allegedly speeding in a luxury car hits a bike, leaving two dead. A look at why this case is generating so much heat

In a classic instance of arrant perversion of justice not remaining a local event, a sordid tale of reckless privilege and alleged cover-ups has spilled out from the affluent enclaves of Pune to hit national headlines. At its heart is a 17-year-old scion of a prominent real estate family, accused of mowing down two young techies in an unregistered Porsche Taycan. The night of May 18 saw the juvenile, well below the legal age, allegedly drink high-end liquor with friends at two upscale bars. Later, in the wee hours, his speeding luxury car rammed into two techies’ motorcycle—Ashwini Koshta, 24, who was riding pillion, was killed instantly while the biker, Aneesh Awadhiya, also 24, succumbed to his injuries later. Eyewitness accounts say there were three boys in the car, all of them drunk. Police probe suggests the juvenile was behind the wheel.Read More