Rajkot tragedy | Flagrant violations

Gujarat sees another major tragedy as businesses flout safety norms and officials look away. This time it’s 33 lives lost in a blaze at a gaming zone

In a video circulating on social media, Rajkot resident Pradeepsinh Chauhan can be heard saying that if any of the accused in the TRP Game Zone fire tragedy gets bail before the trial concludes, he will “not spare them”. Chauhan was at the game zone with eight members of his family on May 25 when a spark from a welding work going on inside the facility triggered a fire. The game zone on Rajkot’s Nana Mava Road, operating illegally since 2021, was burnt to the ground—33 people, including nine children, were killed. Five are ‘missing’, including Chauhan’s 15-year-old son and his nephew. “I have nothing left to lose now,” he says, with a mix of sorrow and anger.Read More